I came across the Emmi-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush in March 2014, when I was intending to get a dental implant and was already worried about how to look after it properly. So this toothbrush suggestion came as something of a godsend!

  • I have been using the Ultrasonic toothbrush ever since and am truly amazed by its effectiveness! Not only do I feel very confident about looking after my implants and crowns, but I have also been able to completely handle the plaque behind and between my teeth, which was previously very hard to get rid of.
  • I also now have healthy gums – no bleeding and no receding!
  • I realized that this is a product everyone needs and almost nobody has! Therefore I wholeheartedly recommend it to you out of my own and my customers’ experience. !

You will be doing yourself a great favour and you can also save money in the long run, by avoiding expensive restoration work in the future!

It is the best you can do for your children from their first teeth onwards, as well as for yourself and the whole family!

  • Don’t forget, good health starts in the mouth!

Due to my own outstanding results, I became an Independent Distributor, at the Emmi-Ultrasonic company in Moerfelden/Walldorf/Germany. This gives me access to the most innovative dental care on the market today, and benefits everybody seeking a solution for better oral health.

My commitment to excellent Customer Services and continuous support of my business-partners are good reasons to get in touch with me.

  • Please feel free to ask any questions, register as a partner or order directly from my website.

What others have to say:

I have been using the Emmi-dent for a few years on and off.

When I went to the dentist in January 2018, he was checking my teeth and calling numbers while doing so. All the numbers that he said where ZERO!

I was not sure on what was happening and I could not speak as the dentist had all his equipment inside my mouth at the time. When I eventually could ask him, he explained that my hygiene is very good and my brushing is very good and my flossing is very good and I do not have any gum problems.

(I was a bit shocked from the good news, as I had previously had gum problems and gingivitis, which led to receding gums. I was treated for that at “King’s College” London, when I had lots of problems with bleeding gums and painful teeth.)

Then I asked if I needed to book an appointment for the hygienist and he said, “no, there is no need for it”.

So I had been back to the dentist now in August 2018 and again the dentist was saying that I have perfect teeth and hygiene and I don’t need to see her again for 12 months!

I am so happy about that! Thanks to Eveline Ottenweller, who helped me to understand the importance of the Emmi-dent and how to use it.

It is very easy and affordable.

Diana Lee-Delisle, August 2018

I want to give you some feedback on the Emmi-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush and other products I recently bought. I am really pleased with the outcome – most of all avoiding 3 extractions. I had visited the dentist, who advised me to take them out. The date was set and I resigned myself to either having false teeth or implants. Thanks to Eveline Ottenweller, who recommended buying that toothbrush, my teeth are no longer moving, my breath feels fresher and my teeth feel super clean. I am truly amazed at the results! I would whole-heartedly recommend the Emmi-dent toothbrush and their other products to family and friends!

Lorna White, July 2016

Not just humans, it works on animals as well! 

emmi pet toothbrush in action